upcoming tech events in L.A.

So, finally having some free time to get back to MeetUps and other tech events;

Wednesday, August 24th, I went to the intro / safety class at The Community Woodshop in Glendale. Seems like a no-brainer for me to join–beautiful, well maintained tools, in a very well maintained space.

Saturday, Aug. 27th, people from MatterHackers will be at the Long Beach Library: MatterHackers is honored to be the special guest at the Long Beach Public Library 3D printing meetup!

Tuesday, a MeetUp group called “Fusion 360 Users” will be at the “Don’t Fear 5-axis using a Pocket NC” from 6:15-9pm.

Deezmaker 3d Printers has been relocating, so their next MeetUp is October 2nd, at their new location in Glendora.

Innovate Pasadena always has lots of interesting things going on. In October their Connect Week will have dozens of presentations and events throughout the Pasadena Tech community.

I’ll be checking out the Urban Workshop in Costa Mesa in September. Tons of tools, classes for machines I haven’t used yet, in an 18,000 s.f. member workshop.


I had a good time at the 3-D print meet up at crash space today. Friendly people, and I got some help getting my PrintrBot to finally work more reliably. I’ve had problems with clogging ever since I finished the kit, but today, I learned that turning the “retraction” settings way down, makes it possible to not hear the terrible clunking sound that means that the filament isn’t extruding.

Sometimes, sharing knowledge, can eliminate hours and hours of frustration.

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3d Printing – Can it be SIMPLE?

That was one of the questions we posed to ourselves while getting ready for the Lights / Flights events. It relates to a creative unblocking technique called “The 3-E’s,” (faced with a creative struggle, shift into a mode of only working in ways that are easy, effortless, and enjoyable). Of course, that isn’t always possible, but it did inspire us to turn to experts for help in building our latest, very complex, 3d printer kit.  Also, not everything has to be 3d printed. The printers are just another type of tool. Very interesting ones, but they shouldn’t be the main focus in creating fresh, functional objects.

So, we went back to our roots, and made hand-painted lamps, using ink and watercolor on rice paper. We wrap them around a frame of acrylic dowels embedded in a block of wood, and held at the top by 3d printed frame.

Here are some of our one-of-a-kind lamps…

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GlowForge might be great.

So, just when I didn’t want to invest in any more tech tools, someone shows me the GlowForge. If the actual product lives up to the hype, I will likely buy one.


My favorite feature is that you can draw on a pieces of wood with a regular pen, stick the wood (1/4″ max.) into the GlowForge, and cameras inside will guide the laser to cut through, or etch a design in the wood. A brilliant concept, as I have reached burnout with some of the complexities of 3d printing, and more recently my Stepcraft CNC, which I haven’t yet got up and running.


Here is a skeptical review of the GlowForge based on a visit to a trade show: A skeptics GlowForge review


Ruh-Roh; here we go with another kit.

So, the SeeMeCNC Rostock Max printer was just too tempting, because it prints hug things (11″diameter x 15″), and is supposed to be especially good at printing vases, which in our case are actually being used as lampshades.

This is the first of four sheets of laser cut parts, much tape and paper must be peeled in order to prep these for assembly.
This is the first of four sheets of laser cut parts, much tape and paper must be peeled in order to prep these for assembly.


Because the printer is four feet tall when done, it comes in a big box with a massive number of parts. Longest journey… single step, and all that…